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Surgical clothing



Short distances for your Supply-Chain

Made in Austria by Kosa Strick

Cap 1: we deliver the finished cap

Cap 2: we supply the fabric & stretch compensation; you make up in your own sewing shop

Mask 1: our soft rubber band for ear attachment

Mask 2: our cotton terrycloth with low breathing resistance and at the same time higher filter effect

Knitted cuffs: For more than 30 years, we have been producing these nightless cuffs for operating theatre clothing companies without the slightest complaint.

Reusable surgical cap

Reusable surgical cap

Recently in high demand!
Lowest price in raw white!
We deliver the finished cap or fabric (1 bale = 165 metres) incl. stretch compensation and you make up the fabric in your own sewing shop.
One size fits all with elasticated waistband.

Important criteria:

  • colourless (free from azo dyes)
  • low lint
  • long-life expansion durability
  • reusable
  • environmentally friendly
Surgical cuffs

Surgical cuffs

Indispensable for surgeons' & doctors' hands.

The cuff is seamless and does not interfere with the surgeon's work, does not stain and is quick to put on and take off.

It has been used in the operating theatre for many years - to the satisfaction of operating surgeons!

Treat our surgeons to optimum comfort for coats, gowns, cassocks, etc. Seamless cuffs are still unrivalled today.

Highly valued also by rental linen providers because of its durability and ease of care!

Long-distance imports - No thanks! All our products are "Made in Austria" and reusable. Our contribution to the CO₂-balance.

We are YOUR cuff supplier in the EU!


  • Cuff height 8 cm plus seam allowance

Our service: knitting, ironing, cutting, turning, ending, packing

Volume capacity: unlimited

For mask manufacturers

For mask manufacturers

If you are looking for the ideal ear band or the most effective filter material for face masks: We supply both!

  • Soft rubber band for ear attachment
  • Cotton-Terrycloth with low breathing resistance and at the same time higher filter effect

Our terrycloth prevents any superspreader, as aerosols collect in the millions of handles of our terrycloth and can no longer travel on into the environment.

Made in Austria!

Washing glove

Wellness glove for bath, sauna, care

By touching the body with this glove, nerves and blood circulation are stimulated.
The feel-good moment sets in automatically.

Under the magnifying glass you can see the structure of the cotton terrycloth.

Give it a try! You will be surprised!

For pharmacies, drugstores, beauty shops, retirement homes, health spas, ...

Packaging unit: 10 pieces

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